Laidlaw & Company and their Hard Sell Tactics

I have no direct experience with hard selling stock traders pitching their hard sell opportunities to me except for seeing a fictional movie called the Wolf of Wall Street. Leonardo DiCaprio did a fantastic job portraying a character who is likely to be one of these folks from Laidlaw & Company calling people on a list of investors that they use to pitch a potential investment opportunity.

Those who are on such a list are targets for the these wolfish investment firms that may or may not have an actual opportunity to sell with Laidlaw. If it is a fake one, then they are frauds and should be exposed and fined and put in jail as is the fate of any criminal that attempts to bilk those who are unwitting and uninformed. They prey on those who are uninformed. This was seen on full display in the past Republican Primaries of 2016 with the current presidential nominee, Trump, who emerged as the winner due to his silver tongue.

People believe what they want to believe with Matthew Eitner and if they are angry and frustrated, they are open to so many potential fraudsters and scammers who can come along and lay some bull pucky on them and poof, they are had like chumps. The Trumpsters are a passle of chumps and the American public has fallen like this before in the recent past. Bill Clinton with his “Slick Willie,” personality and capacity to bamboozle people set the stage for the same to happen again and again to the gullible in the American Public.

So those who do not pay attention to history are damned to repeat it, much like James Ahern . The same can be said for people who take tips from investment banking firms with hot deals and tips.  The same is true with any buying and selling situation. Caveat Emptor. The buyer beware.

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George Soros Offers Solutions for Ukraine

George Soros has written and spoken extensively on the issues concerning Ukraine’s independence and what can be done by the international community to ensure that this country is able to fend off Russian interference. One of his most extensive articles written for The New York Review of Books details the types of policies Soros thinks would help pull Ukraine out of financial destitution and allow the country to get on proper footing.

One of the most prominent aspects of European and American policy toward Ukraine and Russia has been the imposition of sanctions against Russia. Soros explains that these sanctions have had a devastating impact on the Russian economy, which has worked to slow down Russia’s quest for international dominance. Another force that has worked in conjunction with the sanctions against Russia has been the incredibly low oil prices, which is a major factor in Russia’s economy. Without an enormous hike in oil prices, Russia has little hope of regaining its economic footing. Soros has high praise for the levels of sanctions that have been put in place against Russia and urges that they be continued to keep Vladimir Putin’s ambitions in check.

Along with maintaining the sanctions against Russia, Soros recommends that more aid and assistance should be afforded to Ukraine so that it is able to hold its own against Russia for many years to come. While there is certainly goodwill involved in wanting Ukraine to succeed, Soros says this is also a way for Europe to ensure that Russia does not become an even greater threat to the security of the continent as a whole. According to Soros, Putin is still obsessed with destabilizing and interfering in Ukraine’s affairs. The more stable and secure Ukraine appears to be, the lower the likelihood that Putin will take another gamble in meddling in Ukraine’s affairs.

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Even though these considerations make perfect sense to Soros, he laments that they are not being taken seriously enough by European leadership right now. Part of the explanation for this, per Soros’ view, is that the European public is either not aware or not fully informed of the very real threat that Putin continues to pose to the whole region. Because of the lack of perceived threat, Europeans see Ukraine as simply another debtor country that is constantly asking for more money from its European allies. However, Soros proposes that Ukraine be viewed as a prime investment opportunity for the safety of all of Europe.

To help Ukraine maintain its stability, Soros says that the European Union should match funds to allow the IMF to lend an additional $13 billion to Ukraine. In addition, Soros recommends that European Investment Bank project bonds should be used to help dismantle the natural gas monopoly in Ukraine that is stifling economic reforms. This would yield a high return on investment for creditors and help Ukraine become a stronger trade partner as well.

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Madison Street Capital Expanding Networks Globally Through Focused Leadership

A company’s performance is attributed to the kind of leadership it enjoys. Madison Street Capital has proved to have some of the best processionals after their Chief Operating Officer was selected to feature in the Forty Under 40 program that is sponsored by NACVA. Anthony Marsala, the COO of Madison Street Capital has proved his capability by appearing among forty individuals selected by the NACVA executive committee, according to an article posted on The program seeks to reward professionals in various industries who have contributed towards the growth and development of different sectors.

Anthony Marsala, according to the Executive Staff of NACVA, has performed overwhelmingly well over the years he has been working in the investment banking industry. The NACVA program, which chooses professionals who have made impact in the business world, is graced by more than 100 entrants, but due to the guidelines and procedures that are applied when choosing those with the strongest presence in the industry, only 40 make it to the final list.

Anthony Marsala, Madison Street Capital COO, was among the 40 honorees selected by the executive committee. He has worked on hundreds of projects in the food and agriculture, energy, wholesale and retail and technology sectors. He specializes in corporate finance, business valuation and M&A. Anthony has overseen several valuation and transactional engagements, making him a valuable resource for Madison Street Capital.

His educational records also highlight his dedication to his career. Anthony holds a degree in Information Systems and Finance from Oxford University. He also pursued Strategy at Oxford University, where he graduated with a Master’s Diploma.

A review of Madison Street Capital, LLC
Madison Street Capital is an internationally established investment banking firm that is committed to upholding integrity and leadership while delivering financial advisory services. The company has assisted clients in different industries, something that has availed more skills and expertise in dealing with complex situations. Madison Street Capital strives to understand the value of a company before conducting any reviews to give direction. This helps to provide an accurate picture of the position of a company and the future opportunities yet to be explored.

Additionally, Madison Street Capital offers share-based compensation services to companies in an open fashion directed at achieving success. Some of the valuation methods used are ideal and relevant for stock options, phantom stock restricted stock as well as complex restructures. The company applies highly sophisticated quantitative tools to derive statistical data for the development of pricing models and to help their clients in making decisions.

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