Thor Halvorssen Contributes to Campaign of Bernie Sanders Despite Reservations

Both conservatives and liberals have some issues with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his significantly socialist policy leanings. Recently Thor Halvorssen spoke out about his own reservations with the socialist policy suggestions by Sanders as he makes a run for the nomination of the Democratic Party in 2016.


Halvorsson stated on Fox News that he sees socialism as a violation of the basic human rights of all individuals. He believes that there is a danger in having the government be taken over by socialist policies and making significant changes in the name of helping, “the people”, but only leading to a destruction of the economy and the taking of wealth from the rich and giving it to the poor.


There are policies that are established in a socialist society which are very different from what people in the United States are used to. Setting prices at a certain point can seem like a good idea. However they can lead to shortages of goods and that might possibly lead to a humanitarian crisis because of it. Even with that opposition, Halvorssen has given the largest contribution possible to the campaign of Bernie Sanders because of the negative track record of Hillary Clinton the Democratic front runner. He views her as unethical and undeserving of becoming president.


Halvorssen has personal experience with the rule of a dictatorship in Venezuela, his father was a political prisoner for years and his family suffered deeply and he sees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Republican front runner associated with those forces. He believes that democratic socialism can exist if there is rule of law. The problems arise when the executive of the government takes away that rule of law and does whatever he wants to do.


According to Huffington Post, He concludes his interview by stating that he is much more comfortable with Bernie Sanders as a democratic socialist in office than he would be having a potential dictator running the country.

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Martin Lustgarten’s Efforts Pay Off In Investment Banking

Investment banking is a term used in the financial industry to refer to a branch of the banking industry dedicated to the underwriting of new securities that are issued by the client of the bank. The banks involved in investment banking are referred to as investment banks. Investment banks also provide other services. These include professional advice, private wealth management and merger and acquisition services.


Among the investment banks that have made names for themselves include Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank. Investment banks aid their clients in large and complicated transactions. These include valuation of a business or structuring an acquisition, merger or sale deal. Among the clients served by investment banks are governments, corporations and individuals.


The duty of running investment banks is left in the hands of investment bankers. The bankers assist the clients of the bank in planning and managing enormous projects in a bid to save their clients time and money. The investment bankers are in a position to identify the risks associated with the project before the client continues. The bankers have a full understanding of the current investing climate, which proves vital to their clients as they plan their projects.


Investment banks also serve as middlemen between companies and investors. This is the case when the company is seeking to issue stocks and bonds.

Martin has gathered a wealth of experience in the financial sector that spans over two decades. His vast knowledge of the market led him to establish his own investment banking firm, Lustgarten, Martin. He serves the firm as the CEO.
Born in 1959, the investment banker worked his way to the top, going on to invest in overseas markets that include Singapore and Hong Kong. Martin loves to interact with his social media follower and continues to serve as an inspiration to many investment bankers. Find Lustgarten on Soundcloud to see what music he’s in to lately.

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