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The best ways to sum up Chris Burch is to say that he excels as a businessman as well as a world traveler. However, a more in depth account of this man shows that he is a leader and a developer of not just ideas but communities and relationships. He is also a visionary pioneer who has found a way to create a paradise that is both in the center of a tourist hub while at the same time out of the way for the faint hearted traveler.  Additional article on

That is why the resort, which he co-owns, Nihiwatu is one of the most picturesque locations and sought-after pieces of real estate on the globe. The population itself is just under a million with a forested area that is unrivaled by some of the most beautiful jungles from Brazil to the Congo. And outside of a little bit of development and tourism to keep an economy thriving, this is how Chris Burch would like things to stay on the little island. His managing partner James McBride works with the local governments and businesses just starting out in the area to make sure that this goal is achieved.   More to read about this resort on

It’s not that anyone on the island, or Chris and James themselves, wants to see exclusivity in the community, because nothing could be further from the truth. They just want to make sure that the development that happens does not result in sprawl and that it is healthy for everyone involved. There is a certain quality to the location that keeps everyone humble, where billionaires mengle and show civility to a not so average community of “beach bums”.   Read his views on business related matters, click

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And then of course, there is an indigenous population which gives a invaluable cache value to the location itself. Chris Burch is most fortunate and smart for having found himself a co-owner in this venture. But, this hotel resort is not the only intelligent and profitable organization that he is a part of. He also sits as a member or advisor on five different boards. These boards are See The SEEN, Grability,Chubbies Shorts, Poppin and Ithaca College.   Refer to for a related article.

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Connecting Inmates-Securus Technologies

We are a leader in the civil and criminal justice resolution for the purpose of public safety, monitoring, Investigations as well as correction. We have our Head Offices located in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies management, as well as the technical team, has been making sure that at list once a week they have developed new products as well as services. With the excellence services we have been distributing to our customers all over Northern America, we have been receiving tremendous response from our customers. Some of the letters and emails we have received from our customers experiencing their happiness are listed below.

  • At Securus Technologies we have a service known as LBS Software and one of our clients said that the LBS services are reason enough to let them stay with us as they enjoy our other services and products.
  • Our LBS service continued to be praised by another customer who used and in conjunction with the sheriffs they were able to recover illegal goods.
  • In one of the correctional facilities, one of our clients was listening to a talk between an inmate and their family and there they got evidence that will be presented in court.
  • Our convert alert feature has also been of creating help to some of our clients. One of them said how they used the services and they were able to take the suspect into custody.
  • Our inmate telephone services have helped correctional facilities to monitor calls and get information on alcohol and use of drug.
  • One of our customers took their time to appreciate our services and the assistance they got from us that enabled them to arrest a suspect and taken into custody.

Ever since our foundation, we have been expanding our services and also working hard to deliver quality services. We have been serving over 3450 correctional facilities and 120000 inmates all over the United States. At Securus Technologies we are devoted to connecting by delivering public information, incidence management, and investigation among others.


AmEx’s New Strategy; Keep Old Customers while appealing to the Younger Generation

Christopher Burch, an American businessman, has since 1979 been a consistent customer of American Express Co cards. He transferred a significant portion of his spending the J.P Morgan Chase & Co.’s Sapphire Reserve card in 2017.

AmEx incoming Chairman and Chief Executive Stephen Squeri who is up to succeed longtime chief Kenneth Chenault on Wednesday will have an uphill task trying to regain clients of Mr. Burch’s caliber, with Forbes magazine, profiled the latter as one of the wealthiest Americans in 2014. Mr. Squeri assumes office as the card giant is in the process of rebuilding its former glory after a weak performance in the last couple of years.

With other players such as PayPal Holdings, beating AmEx on market value, Investors are uncertain on the future profitability of AmEx with the entry of new mobile technology. During a stakeholders’ meeting, Mr. Chenault acknowledged that the firm is facing stiff competition.

Mr. Squeri will have to prioritize on tapping their former clientele base and also capturing new clients especially the millennials who might be more loyal to other players in the industry. AmEx has lost significant market share from competition dropping down to 22.9% last year up from 26% in 2014. The drop is mostly blamed on the loss of several co-branded cards including Costco Wholesale Corp. and JetBlue Airways Corp.

Faced with unsuccessful bids to regain Costco, Mr. Chenault had to shift his position on lending, and this helped boost earnings in 2017, but the stakeholders are uncomfortable with the prospect of future credit losses in line with the newly adopted strategy.  Read an entrepreneur’s view on business related matters, check this link on

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Mr. Burch is an entrepreneurial magnet with a business background in a variety of industries ranging from real estate, technology, and fashion. The genesis of Mr. Burch’s career was at Ithica College where he was an undergraduate. It was at this time that he and his brother Bob founded Eagles Eye apparel, which later grew to a tune of $165 million before eventually selling it. Hop over to for a related article.

Today he is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital which is a father to a host of brand portfolios including ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, and Poppin. Mr. Burch has also been involved in promoting various technological innovations and luxury brands. They include Jawbone, Poppin, and Voss Water among others.  Learn more about one of his impressive investment, hit this link on

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Why Chris Burch Cut Off His Longtime Credit Card Company

After more than 30 years of being a customer of American Express, renowned businessman Chris Burch made it known he was not getting what he wanted from them. He’d always been most comfortable using their credit cards, but he felt in recent years that the perks were very little when it came to dining at high-end restaurants around New York City, and staying at some of the finer hotels. Yes, despite owning one of the world’s finest hotel and resort himself, Burch has explored other hotels and said the experience offered by American Express cards was “bland.” What American Express is setting out to do in light of the retirement of their longtime chairman Kenneth Chenault, is make their products appealing both to young new-coming credit card holders, and appealing enough to retain longtime wealthy customers like Burch. One suggestion might even be asking more from Burch about what they could do to change their services and upgrade them to something fresh and exciting.  Read his shared insights on business related matters, check on

While Chris Burch stayed with American Express up till now, he certainly brought about changes to new and exciting business opportunities throughout his career. He’s currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital where he helps young and old entrepreneurs bring that excitement to their startups, and also invests in all many real estate projects. Burch began in the fashion industry back in 1976 while still in college, and his first business was a custom-made sweater sales company. It started out just selling them door-to-door for only $15, and soon the demand grew so large that he bought his own factory and built a major retail company named Eagle Eye Apparel. After selling this company, he invested in other fashion startups and eventually became the co-founder of Tory Burch, a fashion line he and his wife at the time ran.  To know his latest cool offering to the market, click on this.

Burch started moving from the fashion to real estate in business investing, and this included the construction and opening of the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires in 2004, and some home renovations and sales in the Hamptons. Most notable was a $14 million home Burch purchased in 2005 in Southampton and flipped into an even larger profit at $25 million in only 4 months.  Related article on   But he decided to purchase and bring even more glamor to one of the world’s most luxurious real estate in Sumba, Indonesia at Nihiwatu Resort. Burch even lives there part of the year in one of the most fabulous homes ever built.  To read more about Nihiwatu, check

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Chris Burch Builds One of the Best Five-Star Resorts on a Remote Indonesian Island

Chris Burch is a renowned business mogul who has founded and co-founded several international retail brands such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch. Currently, Chris Burch has ventured into the hospitality business, one of the most lucrative industries. In 2012, he partnered with hotelier James McBride to acquire a beach hostel that is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba. The two businessmen had to part with almost $30 million to renovate the place. In 2015, they re-launched the place as a five-star resort and rebranded it as Nihiwatu.

Due to the exemplary services offered, Nihiwatu was honored as the best resort in the globe by Travel + Leisure in 2016. During an interview in 2015, Chris claims that he bought the hostel for his children and he hopes that his company has something that can be preserved and given back to the community. He adds that when you in a hotel with a beautiful palette, you get the opportunity to do the things you can’t do in other places.   For more of his views on business related matters, hit on

Wall Street Journal reports that Burch has been splitting his time between Miami, the Hamptons and his resort based in Indonesia. Nihiwatu is one of the biggest resorts with 27 private villas comprising the Chris’ private room called Raja Mendaka. That particular section comes with the main house and four other villas, each having a private plunge pool.   Related article on

About Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is the owner and president of Burch Creative Capital. The company uses an investment philosophy that represents Burch’s entrepreneurial principles and the vision he has for new market opportunities, imagination application, incubation, creativity, and positive impact on the lives of consumers. Christopher has been an investor and an entrepreneur for almost four decades. Chris has taken part in the growth of over 50 companies. He has managed to craft a good track record of connecting innovation that impacts many lives. That is through the combination of an intuitive understanding of how the consumer behaves with international and direct sourcing experience.  For an overview of the diversity of his investment, hop over to

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The brand portfolio of Burch Creative Capital’s comprises the latest launching of ED by Ellen DeGeneres, TRADEMARK, Nihiwatu, Poppin and Cocoon9. He has also established a list of reputable brands such as Faena Hotel + Universe, Voss Water, and Jawbone. Currently, the company strives to support the development numerous lifestyle and consumer products that range from hospitality, organic foods, and retail, apparel and home furnishings. Chris has also ventured into the technology industries such as BaubleBar, Soludos, Blink Health, Chubbies, Little Duck Organics, Brad’s Raw Foods and BaubleBar.  Keep up-to-date with his new and follow on investment visit

Chris Burch Multi-Industry Investor, Entrepreneur and American Express

Beginning in 1979 Christopher Burch began using American Express cards this is until recently when he switched most of his expenditures to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Sapphire Reserve card. The reason Mr. Burch’s decision holds importance to the new head of American Express because in 2014 he made the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans. Another reason this is important is due to long time American Express Inc. chief Kenneth Chenault being replaced by Chairman and Chief Executive Stephen Squeri. Mr. Squeri has goals of bringing the AmEx brand back to the top. Chris Burch’s switch in Card companies is cause for concern about the direction the company was heading. In order to entice customers like Christopher Burch to have a reason to come back to American Express for their financial needs.

One reason Chris Burch change in cards is important is due to his 40-year career as an investor and entrepreneur. Mr. Burch has participated in the success of over 50 companies using consumer behavior and international direct sourcing. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital using an investment strategy for new market opportunities that will have an impact on consumer’s lives. This is done through patience, creativity, and support to achieve Mr. Burch’s values and vision.   Related article on

Mr. Burch actively invests in many industries and focuses on branding. Branding has been something he has put his power into using his marketing sense. He is also a co-founder of the luxury fashion brand Tory Burch. His business interests involve the apparel industry, financial services, consumer products, home furnishings, hospitality, and technology. Some of the companies he has been involved are Baublebar, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, and Chubbies.

Chris Burch is an undergrad at Ithaca College and has a diverse business background resulting in a 40-year career. He has been an enrapture in real estate and along with his brother Bob founded Eagles Eye Apparel that saw growth into a 165 million dollar business prior to selling the company. Click on to read additional article.  In his current company Burch Creative Capital, the company portfolio has an impressive array of brands that include Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, and Nihiwatu. For an overview of his impressive entrepreneurial skills, check on

Along with promoting branding for consumers, Mr. Burch has many published articles that focus on marketing and branding not just for his interests but for other entrepreneurs and business people. His publications involve branding, real estate and more in order to help others achieve success in their endeavors. For more of his views on business related matters, hit this.

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Chris Burch & his World of Creativity

Chris Burch is one of the most creative investors in the world and one of the most successful financial investors in the world, being ranked on the Forbes’ list of wealthiest billionaires right now.

Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Despite being a genius in financial administration, he has also invested in various industries for around 40 years and has tackled many different markets, like the real estate field, technology, and even fashion.  Related article here.

Chris grew up outside of Philadelphia and is from an upper-class family, never having had big difficulties while growing up. In an interview, he admitted to having ADHD as a child, and he used to seek refuge in a closet where he listened to a radio station every night, and this allowed him to listen to the voices of people across the country.

This experience was very important to the entrepreneur and investor, as stated by Chris Burch himself. According to him, it also allowed him to learn more about different kinds of people. Finally, he concluded that having the radio to listen to every day in his youth allowed him to successfully invest in creative people across various industries. Burch, as many successful people in the world, turned a problem, a wound, into a characteristic that would put him in front of most other people in his age.

Having a business mind at an early age, he started his entrepreneur career in 1976 when he was still in college.   According to, he invested $2,000 to create Eagle’s Eye apparel, a business with his brother that they were able to grow up to $165 million before selling it. It was at this time that Chris Burch began noticing his big potential in financial administration. Some of his co-workers and family members recognized his natural thinking when it came to investing money. The billionaire that would become Burch was a long road that started at an early age.  For his views and insights on business, read this relevant article, hit this link on

Chris Burch has a very diverse investment portfolio which ranges from investing in the real state, to things like accessories, apparel, home and interior décor, among many other investment projects. Chris Burch believes the power of vulnerability, and if that one doesn’t feel vulnerable anymore, he or she can choose to invest in businesses and be successful life as he is. Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Nihiwatu are just some of the big names that joined Chris Burch’s brand portfolio recently.  To read more about Nihiwatu, his luxury resort investment, click on

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Christopher Burch’s Breathtaking Investment Ventures

Christopher Burch, an entrepreneur, has been a devoted customer of American Express Co. cards for more than three decades since 1979. However, the entrepreneur stopped being a customer of American Express this year and switched to using the Sapphire Reserve Card of the J.P Morgan Chase & Co. According to the AmEx CEO and Chairman, regaining customers like Christopher Burch is a challenge to the company. The new chief succeeded Kenneth Chenault who led the company for a long period.

Regaining richer ex-customers is a big challenge to the company that is currently facing stiff competition from banks and other firms. Such firms include Silicon Valley Payment Company and the PayPal Holdings Incorporation. Due to the stiff competition, AmEx has lost its market shares to card networks like Visa Incorporation and banks. Investors are afraid of joining AmEx again since it does not have a clearly laid out plan of how it will curb disruption of traditional payment approaches from mobile channels. The loss of shares in the market also scared away its partners including the JetBlue Airways Corporation and Costo Wholesale Corporation.

The American Express Company provides credit cards to businesses and customers. It owns and operates a card network and it also provides loans to individuals and companies. Most of the investors have left the company and switched to other credit card providers because of AmEx inability to properly provide certain services.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The policies of Burch Creative Capital are based on Mr. Burch’s creativity and ideas for emerging market opportunities. He has taken part in the rise of numerous companies in his over four-decade career as an entrepreneur and an investor. The entrepreneur has expertise in a number of industries including technology, fashion, and real estate industries.   Learn more about his entrepreneurial skills, click on

According to, he started working at the Ithaca College as an undergrad. Burch together with his brother founded Eagles Eye and later sold it after it grew to $165 million. He has a number of brand portfolios under his belt like Ed by Ellen DeGeneres, Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, and Poppin.  For the latest on his cool offering to the market, hit on

Mr. Burch used to be a board member of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital. He also served as the president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. Mr. Burch has also invested in real estates both nationally and internationally like the luxurious homes in New York, Southampton, Florida, and Nantucket.  Read a related article here.  The entrepreneur has also taken part in funding philanthropic activities like The Sumba Foundation.

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Madison Street Capital has been the Exclusive Financial Advisor of Different Companies

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that is committed to providing all corporate banking services to both publicly owned and privately owned businesses. The firm offers services such as marge and procurement expertise, valuation services and monetary ideas. These services help their client to succeed in the global marketplace especially when undertaking new projects or introducing new services.

The company has continued to invest in emerging markets as it believes this is the fundamental element driving the global growth of their clients. This has earned the firm a lot of trust from its clients both locally and internationally.

According to, the firm has helped numerous companies and industries meet their goal on time over the years. This has been greatly contributed by their worker’s experience and understanding in areas of corporate finance and governance.

The company has invested in the knowledge and experience of matching appropriate financing and capitalization structure to each client’s unique situation. It has representatives and offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

On 31st July 2017, Madison Street Capital acted as the Sterling Packaging company’s exclusive financial advisor in the arrangement of growing the equity investment of its clients. Sterling Packaging which was founded in 1989 has its headquarters in Selkirk, Manitoba.

It is a privately owned company that is the leading manufacturer of folding cartons used in different industries such as beer packaging, pharmaceuticals, hardware, cosmetics, and food and beverage industries throughout the United States. According to Jay Rodgers the Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director, Sterling Packaging team has done a wonderful job of building a big business and has a superior product in the market.

Madison Capital was named the winner of the 9th annual international M&A Advisor Awards on June 14th, 2017 for the M&A DEAL OF THE YEAR (under 25 million dollars). This award was given for the procurement of Acuna and Associates S.A by the Dowco Group.

Madison was chosen out of 260 participants. The company was also a qualifier for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm Of the year Professional Services (B-to-B) Deal of the Year and Corporate/Strategic Deal of the Year.

Madison Capital firm was the exclusive advisor in the marge between the Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value on January 4th, 2017. DCG Software Value which was founded in 1994, provided software quality management, flexible support services, and software analytics in different companies amongst the USA and the UK with offices in different areas of both countries.

Spitfire Group is a company that deals with technology consultation and specializes in helping their clients achieve maximum profits through utilizing the alignment of technology initiatives and the business objectives. The company uses most recent technology innovations to help clients tackle their most challenging business issues.

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Chris Burch and his Investment Strategies

Chris Burch has successfully ventured multiple businesses in his more than 40 years of entrepreneurial career. Currently, he serves as the CEO of his own investment firm Burch Creative Capital; it works based on the management principles of Chris Burch. It looks for new market opportunities, adding creativity and imagination, and support and scale to create impactful brands that can change the lives of customers positively. It should be noted that Burch has shaped more than 50 brands until today, and he is considered to be one of most successful entrepreneurs in the recent times.  Additional article on

Interestingly, he was listed on the Forbes billionaires’ list multiple times. Chris has a broad portfolio of investments and interests, including hotels, resorts, real estate, fashion industry, and more. Though not all of his ventures are highly successful, his determination, passion, and innovative mind ensure that he keeps on moving. Burch thinks that investments are an effective tool to learn about each industry and take benefits out of it. It has also helped him to be an expert in various sectors. While he is a highly innovative executive and an inspirational leader, Chris is also someone who understands the consumer behavior and expectations better.

This is the reason his Nihi Sumba, an Indonesian beach resort, awarded as the best five-star beach resorts in the world by many travel and tourism companies and industrial bodies. Chris actually created an excellent ambiance for the resort and offered a level of exclusivity along with luxury. More to read on

He says that success does not occur overnight, especially for entrepreneurs. It is a journey with many discouraging moments and setbacks during the course. He thinks that every entrepreneur should face those challenges like a soldier and succeed.  Read his shared ideas and insights here.

Burch started his business journey in the year 1976, since his college days, as a student of Ithaca College. He and his brother, Bob, established Eagle’s Eye apparel, a direct to home apparel business, with an investment of $2000. Finally, the firm sold for $165 million to Swire Group. Burch has given greater prominence to technology innovations and ensured superior customer experience for driving consistent business wherever he invested.  Hit on for a related article.

He is also the founder of C. Wonder, a well-known apparel and home décor brand. The firm finally sold to Xcel Brands, after capturing significant market capitalization from the scratches. Burch is also behind ED by Ellen Degeneres, Blink Health, Cocoon9, BaubleBar, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, Chubbies, Soludos, and more.  Additional article on

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